~ You are a Human-size doll ~

Dress up as your favorite doll and walk down the runway in front of all the visitors of Ldoll Festival!

The Cosplay contest consists in reproducing as accurately as possible the fullset of a BJD or Pullip.


  • Contestants are to dress up as a ball-jointed doll (BJD, Pullip…) or as a fashion doll. They must wear the outfit and accessories of their chosen doll (shoes, wig, jewelry…) as represented on the official company stock pictures of the doll. It may be the standard version or a limited edition of this doll.
  • Contestants can not use another outfit than the one on the sale page of their chosen doll. Therefore pictures of doll clothing sale pages do not qualify, nor do private owner pictures.
  • Contestants walk on stage, in front of a jury which consists in visitors, exhibitors and members of the Ldoll staff. The pictures of their chosen fullset will be handed to the jury before the beginning of the contest. Contestants will be judged on the likeliness to their chosen fullset (shape, colors, accessories), their attention to detail and their originality. The jury choses the winner at their own discretion and their choice can not be contested.
  • Unlike Cosplay contests of manga and anime festivals, contestants can not provide their own music and they will not be asked to perform on stage. This Cosplay contest is organized as a fashion show.
  • Since some companies create fullsets of two matching dolls, contestants may participate as single performers or in duo. Be aware that a duo of cosplayers still counts as one participation: thus only one prize will be handed to the winner(s).
  • Contestants may wish to create a cosplay but not be the one wearing it. Contestants may choose a model to walk in their stead. However, only the person who entered the competition will receive a prize. There will only be one prize.
  • Contestants may not present the same costume two years in a row.


How To Enter

  • Calendar:

The application deadline is August 31st 2016.
You do not need to have your costume ready for this date – you merely need to have signed up.

  • How To Enter:

Anyone interested in taking part in the Cosplay Contest must send an email to the following email address: with the following headline: “Cosplay Contest”.

Give your full name and your chosen nickname (if you wish so), as well as a picture or link to a picture of the doll you wish to cosplay as.

If you cancel your participation, please warn us as early as possible.

Mandatory Attendance at Prize Ceremony

Contestants have to attend the award ceremony to receive their prizes. No prize will be sent by mail. If the winner does not claim their prize, it will be put on draw at the Ldoll raffle

Proxy: if the finalist can not attend the prize ceremony they may choose someone to collect their prize in their stead. The finalist must inform the organizer beforehand through a letter or email, stating the full name of the person who will collect their prize. Their representative will have to present a valid proof of identification at the Festival.

Ldoll will not be held responsible in case of dispute between the winner of the contest and their representative.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiry!

A same person may enter all of Ldoll Festival contests!

Believe in yourselves and join our contests now!!