We have compiled your most urgent questions regarding Ldoll Festival contests in the following FAQ page.
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♠ ► Contests 2018 ◄ ♠
  • Contests Open to All Visitors

Customization Contest : VIDEO GAMES

Photo Contest: TAROT CARDS

Make-up Contest: PURPLE

  • Schedule (subjected to change)

This schedule may be subjected to change until October 2018.

Saturday 27th October 2018

Customization Contest

Make-up Contest

Sunday 28th October 2018

Photo Contest

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♠ ► General Questions ◄ ♠
  • What is the deadline to send my application for any of the contests?
The deadline for the contests is: August 31st, 2018.

All applications must be sent to the following email address: info@ldollfestival.com

In addition to the pictures, please specify your name and personal details as well as the name of the contest in which you would like to take part. 
  • Can I take part in several contests?
All visitors and exhibitors may take part in all open contests.
  • Do I have to come to Ldoll Festival to participate in the contests?
Participants must be at the Festival on the day of the prize ceremony of the contest for which they have been selected. The winner will lose their prize to another finalist if they do not attent the prize ceremony.
Participant Representative : Finalists who cannot attend the prize ceremony may send a delegate who will receive their prize in their stead. The finalist must send a letter or email in advance to the Ldoll organizers with the full name of the person who will receive their prize. This delegate must show a proof of identity to the staff on the day of the Festival.

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♠ ► Photo Contest ◄ ♠

  • Can I edit my picture with a photo editor and add special effects?
Yes. But keep in mind that this contest is primarily a photo contest and not a photo editing contest. 

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♠ ► Customization Contest ◄ ♠

  • Are all dolls eligible for the customization contest, of all sizes?

Yes. All BJD dolls, Pullips, and Fashion dolls are eligible. Dolls must be at least 25cm tall.

  • Is there a size limit for the doll stand holding my doll?

Yes. Exhibition tables are 60cm large. Therefore the stand must not be wider than 60cm.

  • Can I use clothing or accessories that I bought online or from a friend?

Yes. This is not a sewing contest: participants must assemble elements to answer the theme as best as possible. Therefore participants can use any clothing they wish, brought or handmade.

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♠ ► Make-up Contest ◄ ♠

  • Can I protect my head with the sealant (MSC, Tamiya, etc.) before the contest?

Yes. Participants can spray sealant on their doll heads before the contest. In fact, we encourage them to do this in order to save time.

  • Can I bring a drawing or picture of my make-up idea at the contest?

No. This is free-hand excercise and not the reproduction of a drawing.

  • Can I bring a notebook or sheet of paper at the contest?

No. You are only permitted drawing/painting material, the list of which you will have sent to the Ldoll staff prior to the contest.

  • Can I put eyes on my doll head to exhibit it?

Yes. Participants can put eyes to their doll head once the face-up is done. They may not put on a wig.

  • Can I create elements before the contest and glue them to the make-up on the day of the contest? (ex : elements in modeling clay or resin)

No. Elements for the face-up can not be made in advance, they must be made during the 1H30 time of the contest. Only store-brought basic accessories such as eyelashes and rhinestones can be brought along as make-up tools. Our face-up contest is a painting contest and we do not wish to give an unfair advantage to participants with modelling skills.