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      RULES :

This competition consists in a photo of a BJD (or Pullip, all sizes are ok). The photo must reflects your idea of the theme. The jury will appreciate the choice of colors, staging, framing, the appropriateness to the theme…

In order to ensure the neutrality and fairness of votes, the exhibition of dolls selected for our contests will be anonymous this year. Names of candidates will no longer be printed out next to their exhibited work. Each participant will be allocated a number and visitors will vote for their favorite exhibited doll by writing down that number. Only the staff members responsible for the contests will know the names of the elected artists.
Therefore, we ask all participants to be as discreet as possible when sharing the progress of their work prior to the Festival (for instance, by publishing pictures of your work on your personal blogs rather than on national or international forums).

Concerning photo editing, using Photoshop or any other photo editing software, we remind you that only minor editing is permitted for our photo contest, such as: white balance, exposure compensation, noise reduction, contrast, framing, sharpening. The Ldoll photo contest is meant to allow you to show your photography skills and not your editing skills. Your choice of subject and your choice of frame should prevail.
Therefore, all heavy photo editing, such as special effects, distortion or picture-in-picture effects are not allowed for this contest. The Ldoll team will take into account whether participants have respected this rule and include this data for their vote, at their discretion.

Please send us your photo in:
- .jpg
- A4 and
- 300 dpi format

Before the 31st of august

The staff will make a pre selection and only 20 pictures will be shown during all the week end of the festival.

Ldoll will print the selected pictures: it will be possible to buy them at the end of the salon.

Pictures will be shown from the Saturday morning and be taken off the Sunday evening.

      THEME :

Sunday 7th of october : ILLUSION

      VOTES :

Boxes will be arranged befor the exhibition place and every visitor and exhibitor will have a voting paper to vote. Members of Ldoll Staff and the representatives of the partner companies will be the second part of the vote. Results will announced at the evening of each day with the award of prizes.

      The 10 finalists for "Illusion" :




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