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Ldoll is proud to present the biggest online photo contest entirely dedicated to jointed dolls. For the first time, our photo contest is open to every doll collector in the world and the winner will be elected by your online vote.

Theme: Caught Red-Handed

Create the giant poster that will be hung on the billboard at the entrance of the convention hall! Win a fullset BJD & let everyone admire your photo in 3 x 2 meters!

The photography contest calls to your own interpretation of the theme “caught red-handed”.  There is no particular limitation to the theme.


VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PICTURE BETWEEN: September 1st and September 15th 2016

Whether they are attending Ldoll Festival or not, the winner will receive their prize.
Of course, we hope to give you your prize on stage at Ldoll, under crazy cheers. But for this new online contest, attendance at the festival is no longer mandatory.

The 20 pictures that will get the most votes will be printed and exhibited at Ldoll Festival.





  • GIANT POSTER: the picture of our winner will be printed for the 3 x 2 meter billboard at the entrance of the event hall, for everyone to see.
  • FULLSET DOLL: the winner will receive a fullset Humming Dolly 41cm from our amazing partner SWITCH.
  • INVITATION: a VIP ticket for Sunday 30th October, so you can come retrieve your prize on stage! 

See the impressive list of our sponsors!


The 9 photographers with the most votes after the grand winner will receive an invitation for Sunday 30th October, so they can come up on stage and receive the cheers of the audience!


The 20 photos with the most votes will be printed in poster size and exhibited during the two days of Ldoll Festival for all visitors to see.



  • You can submit one photo before midnight on August 31st.
  • Click on the “UPLOAD” button down below to submit your picture. You will also be asked your name and email address. You may submit a nickname.
  • Our webmaster will check that the picture follows our rules and then validate your participation. You will receive a confirmation email once we have validated your photo.
  • Your photo will then appear in the photo gallery of this same page once votes open, on September 1st 2016.
  • When votes close, on September 15th 2016, the picture with the most votes will be elected the winner of the grand prize. The 20 pictures with the most votes will be exhibited at Ldoll Festival.

– We hope that we will have the honor to give you your doll in hands at Ldoll Festival on Sunday 30th October.

– The winner can also designate someone to collect their prize in their stead. The winner must inform the organizer beforehand by email, stating the full name of the person who will collect their prize. Their representative will have to present a valid proof of identification at the Festival.

– Should the winner or their representative not attend the Festival, Ldoll will send the prizes by airmail. Beware, Ldoll cannot be held responsible if the package is lost or damaged and we will not be able to replace the items.



To be valid, your picture must follow the following rules:

  • Follow the theme: your picture must address the theme “caught red-handed”. If our team is in doubt regarding this point, they may contact you so you can explain what you have meant to show.
  • Feature doll(s): the picture must feature one or more dolls. Human beings are not allowed on the picture, not even as secondary objects. There is no size restriction for the dolls in the picture. All jointed dolls, model dolls and artist dolls can be photographed, whether they are in resin, vinyl, porcelain, etc. (for instance: BJDs, Pullips, Blythes, Tonners…).

  • Technical rules: in order to meet the billboard size, your picture must be sent in the following size:
    Size: 3050 x 1860 PIXELS
    Definition: 300 DPI
    Format: JPG
    Orientation: LANDSCAPE

    Be aware that resizing a smaller picture into a bigger one to fit our size requirements may cause the image to be pixelated and unusuable. Therefore we strongly advise that you take your picture in an original size that is equal or bigger than the size we demand.

  • Mandatory text: the three sentences: “Ldoll Festival” “Salon de la poupée de collection” and “29 et 30 octobre 2016” must be placed somewhere on the picture. There are no restrictions in terms of size, color or font, but the text must be perfectly readable. There must be no other text on the picture (no signature). It is not mandatory to have the accented character in ‘poupée’ (even if it would be great).

  • Photo editing: there are no particular restrictions. Participants may modify their picture as they wish, including by adding a frame.

  • Copyright: participants relinquish all copyrights of their picture to the Ldoll association if they win the grand prize. This way we can reuse your picture for the promotion of our event.









For any further question, do not hesitate to contact us at!

One person can participate to all the contests of Ldoll Festival.

Good luck to you all!