Give free reign to your creativity and exhibit your customized doll!


Get inspired by the gaming world for this year’s customization contest!
Enter our contest now to exhibit your customized doll at Ldoll Festival and win a wonderful prize!

  • Theme: Warriors and Soldiers

Read into this theme with your own tastes and sensitivity to create your unique fullset! There is no restriction of era, place or style.

  • Authorized Dolls:

Contestants can only present one single doll. All ball-jointed dolls (BJD, Pullips…) and fashion dolls in any material qualify for this contest. The minimum size of the doll is 25cm to ensure that the details are well seen by the visitors.

If the doll has been modified with added limbs or extra head(s), it only qualifies if it remains one single entity and not two dolls attached together.

  • Selection :

Contestants will be judged on their capacity to create a harmonious set that matches the theme. They must prove their attention to detail and their creativity. The fullest consists in the doll (and all the modifications it may have had), its face-up, wig, eyes, outfit and accessories.

A jury composed of the Ldoll staff members will select 10 finalists who will exhibit their fullsets at Ldoll Festival, according to the above criteria.

Finalists will exhibit their work at Ldoll Festival. They must provide their own doll stand to this effect. They may create a decorated stand or pedestal.

The customization contest is not a sculpting contest, painting contest or sewing contest. It is not mandatory for contestants to have created the elements they assemble to make their fullest.

The dolls will be exhibited at Ldoll Festival anonymously. The Ldoll staff will randomly give a number to each creation. Visitors will vote for their favorite fullset by voting for the according number.

  • Grand Prize:

The grand winner of the customization contest will receive a ball-jointed doll, generously donated by one of our sponsors!* More information will be available closer to the event regarding the prizes of the first, second and third winners of this contest.

How To Enter

  • Calendar:

– Registration deadline: August 31st, 2020
– Announcement of finalists: September 2020

  • How To Enter:

To enter this contest, send an email to: info@ldollfestival.com entitled « Customization Contest », before August 31st, 2020.

Enclose in your message your first and last name, your chosen nickname (if you wish us to use it), and 3 to 5 pictures of your customized doll.

Present your work in the following way:
– Photo #1: a front shot of your doll
– Photo #2: a side shot of your doll
– Photo #3: your doll from the back

Optional: 1 to 2 photos of specific details you wish to highlight.

In order for the jury to have the best view of your work, your pictures must abide to the following criteria:

– The doll must be placed in front of a neutral background.
– Your pictures must be sharp, well lit and contrasted so that all the details are easily seen.

– Your pictures must have a minimal size of 600 x 800 pixels.

It is no photography contest: contestants must not stage their doll and they will not be judged on their photographer skills, as long as the pictures are sharp and bright.

Mandatory Attendance at Ldoll Festival

Finalists of the customization contest must commit to attend Ldoll Festival with their dolls. Their fullset will be exhibited on a secured stand. Visitors will vote for the winner.

Contestants have to attend the award ceremony to receive their prizes. No prize will be sent by mail. If the winner does not claim their prize, it will be put on draw at the Ldoll raffle

Proxy: if the finalist can not attend the prize ceremony they may choose someone to collect their prize in their stead. The finalist must inform the organizer beforehand through a letter or email, stating the full name of the person who will collect their prize. Their representative will have to present a valid proof of identification at the Festival.

Ldoll will not be held responsible in case of dispute between the winner of the contest and their representative.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiry!  info@ldollfestival.com

A same person may enter all of Ldoll Festival contests!

Believe in yourselves and join our contests now!!


* Regarding the prizes of the contests: As the prizes depend on the generosity of our sponsors we can not guarantee that the first prize will be a BJD. However, we always do our very best to make it happen 🙂 Should it not be possible, there will still be a wonderful prize to win.