Take part in Ldoll Festival’s latest contest to honor one of the most important arts of the doll hobby: painting.

Face-up artists are at the heart of BJD customization. They give our dolls their unique personalities. Grab your brushes !


  • Theme :

In this live, timed challenge, contestants must paint a face-up that renders the idea of : war paintings & war masks.

This challenge calls to your imagination and your interpretation of the theme. There is no particular limitation to the theme. The theme can be expressed through your choice of colors, shapes, facial expressions, tattoos, drawings and your choice of painting material (paint, chalks, watercolors, glitter, rhinestones…).

  • Rules:
  1. The theme of this contest is announced in advance to encourage contestants to practice and refine their ideas, in order to produce a sophisticated, inventive and perfected piece on the day of the competition. No blueprint, model or picture are allowed during the contest. On the day, contestants must paint the head from scratch with no draft.
  2. Contestants can only use MSD or SD size doll heads (40cm dolls and above and big-headed smaller dolls such as Pullips). SD size heads are more convenient to exhibit; the audience will have a better view of all painted details on these bigger heads.
  3. Contestants must bring their own doll heads to the contest. The Ldoll staff will not have spare heads to lend to contestants. The head must not be painted on: it must be free of any mark and coated in sealant, ready to be painted.
  4. Contestants must complete their face-up in 1 hour 30 minutes. Contestants who finish before the time limit may hand in their heads to the staff at any time and depart.
  5. All painting techniques except for airbrush are permitted for this challenge. Contestants may use tools such as soft pastels, acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, etc. Contestants are invited to bring their own face-up gear. The Ldoll team can provide soft pastels and brushes in small quantity to help out but we do not offer a wide range of tools.
  6. Craft elements and decorations are not to be used: textile and natural elements (such as ribbons, wool, flowers, feathers, etc.) are not permitted. They do not qualify as make-up. Rhinestones, glitter and fake lashes qualify as make-up tools. The idea is for candidates not to use any kind of accessories. Sculpted elements (such as salt dough flowers) can not be used unless the contestant makes them from scratch during the 1h30 of the competition. Facial option parts (like horns) are not to be used. This is no sculpting contest: the head must not have been specially modified before the contest to fit the theme better. The jury reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who would not abide with those rules.
  7. Spraying of MSC and similar sealants is strictly forbidden in the exhibition hall. Contestants are allowed to exit the exhibition hall to spray their heads outside. The Ldoll staff will escort them back and forth as often as they may need. Contestants must bring their own sealant. The Ldoll team will not have spare sealant.
  8. Contestants may place eyes in their heads for the exhibition time after the challenge, but no wig. The heads will not be displayed with a wig to keep the focus on the face-up.
  9. Contestants must paint their own original designs. The jury reserves the right to disqualify a contestant who will have reproduced somebody else’s face-up.
  10. The Ldoll team will provide the display props to exhibit the finished heads after the challenge. Contestants will place their heads themselves on the display case.

Should a contestant disregard one of these rules, the Ldoll staff reserves the right to disqualify their participation.

  • Grand Prize:

The grand winner of the face-up challenge will receive a ball-jointed doll or a BJD head, generously donated by one of our sponsors!* More information will be available closer to the event regarding the prizes of the first, second and third winners of this contest.

How To Enter

  • Calendar:

Beware; this challenge is limited to 15 contestants! Only the 15 first applicants will be able to participate!
The application deadline is August 31st 2020, but it will close as soon as 15 applicants have entered.

  • How To Enter:

Anyone interested in taking part in the Face-up Challenge must send an email to the following email address: info@ldollfestival.com with the following headline: “Face-up Challenge”.

Give your full name and your chosen nickname (if you wish so). You will receive a confirmation email that you are within the 15 challengers.

Once your participation has been confirmed, you must email us again at the same address before September 15th to tell us which doll head you will be painting and to give us the list of the supplies you will be bringing to the challenge. These details are meant for us to make sure you will be using a SD head and that all your supplies abide by the above rules (for example: ink, cotton buds, brushes, chalk sticks, tweezers, lashes, glue, nail polish, etc.)

If you cancel your participation, please warn us as early as possible, so your place may be offered to other interested candidates.

The painted heads will be displayed at Ldoll Festival anonymously: visitors will vote for a number randomly given to each head.

Mandatory Attendance at Prize Ceremony

Contestants have to attend the award ceremony to receive their prizes. No prize will be sent by mail. If the winner does not claim their prize, it will be put on draw at the Ldoll raffle

Proxy: if the finalist can not attend the prize ceremony they may choose someone to collect their prize in their stead. The finalist must inform the organizer beforehand through a letter or email, stating the full name of the person who will collect their prize. Their representative will have to present a valid proof of identification at the Festival.

Ldoll will not be held responsible in case of dispute between the winner of the contest and their representative.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiry!  info@ldollfestival.com

A same person may enter all of Ldoll Festival contests!
Believe in yourselves and join our contests now!!


* Regarding the prizes of the contests: As the prizes depend on the generosity of our sponsors we can not guarantee that the first prize will be a BJD. However, we always do our very best to make it happen 🙂 Should it not be possible, there will still be a wonderful prize to win.