Thanks to the trust and support of our exhibitors and attendees, Ldoll Festival has become the biggest event around ball-jointed dolls in France and in Europe. What makes Ldoll different from many other conventions is its cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Collectors from all over the world praise how much fun Ldoll is and how easy going the visitors and staff all are.

To preserve this good natured atmosphere regardless of the increasing number of attendees, we have thought useful to remind everyone of a few simple rules that will ensure the protection and well-being of everyone during Ldoll Festival.

Rule 1:

For security and hygiene concerns, animals are strictly forbidden within the exhibition hall. All animals are excluded with the exception of guide dogs, regardless of type and size. Even animals on a leash, in their owner’s arms or sitting in a bag are forbidden within the hall. The organizers reserve the right to ask anyone who brought their pet to leave the Festival with no refund of their entry.

Rule 2:

Any inappropriate behaviour that may disrupt the proceedings of the Festival or bother other attendees will be sanctioned. Aggressiveness and lewdness may for instance cause the offender to be made to leave the Festival by the security staff, with no refund of their entry.

Rule 3:

Handing out promotional flyers for other events to visitors and exhibitors within the premises is strictly forbidden. We advise those who wish to promote their events to contact the organizers in advance to obtain permission to hand out their flyers at the entrance of the Festival under certain conditions. The Ldoll staff will stop any attendee caught handing out their event flyers within the exhibition hall.

Rule 4:

The opening and closing time for visitors, as well as the set-up and dismantling times for exhibitors, have been instructed by the exhibition hall in our rental contract. They follow security imperatives. Therefore we can not make any exception, for visitors and exhibitors alike. We thank you for entering and leaving at the requested times.

Rule 5:

Attendees with reduced mobility, in wheelchair or not, who can not move freely or remain for a lengthy time in the waiting line must report to our security staff. In order to facilitate their access, we advise people with reduced mobility to email us at info@ldollfestival.com to prepare their coming to Ldoll Festival.

Rule 6:

Access and use of the stage: the stage must stay clear at all time to enable the Ldoll staff to make announcements and prize ceremonies in a timely manner. Visitors must not leave their bags and dolls on the stage. Visitors will be frequently asked to leave the stage so that the Ldoll staff may use it. The meet-up area will also have to be vacated for the Face-up Challenge.

Rule 7:

Visitors may take pictures of the exhibited dolls and heads from the contests and partners table, but they may not lean over the exhibition tables or touch these precious and fragile collection items. We will make sure to exhibit them in a way that will enable you to take the best pictures from a small distance. Please be also respectful of the Face-up Challenge participants when watching and taking pictures. Do not impede their work. The security staff will not hesitate to remind people of these rules if necessary.

Rule 8:

The use of solvent sprays (MSC, paint varnishes) is strictly forbidden within the exhibition hall. For the Make-up Challenge, contestants will be escorted outside so they spray their heads to fix their paint layers.

We are counting on you to preserve what makes Ldoll the best doll convention in the world: respect of everyone, fun and friendliness above all!