Fully Customizable

Hair, eyes, makeup, clothes – you can customize these beautiful dolls completely!

Model : Delf EL from Eluts


Expression Medium

Photography, sewing, painting – these fully jointed dolls are the medium to your artistic expression.

Model : Dollfie Dream belonging to Orchid Dolls, mascot of the Ldoll 2018



After the pioneer companies in Japan and Korea, doll makers from all over the world sharpen their skills to present exceptional original models.

Model : Artist doll Deilf by Depths Dolls

BJD, Anime Doll, Artist Doll, Dollfie, Pullip, Fashion Doll, Fashion Royalty, Sybarite…

Do not miss out on the BJD event of the year!

Next edition: October 24-25, 2020


Ldoll Festival is the biggest European event dedicated to ball-jointed dolls (BJDs, Anime Dolls, Pullips…), fashion dolls and artist dolls. In 2018, more than 180 exhibitors and 2000 visitors gathered to share their passion.

The Festival brings together as many professionals, artists and amateurs as possible from the doll collecting world. More than a marketplace, it is the European doll community’s meeting space. What makes Ldoll so popular is the good-natured, joyful time everyone has.

These highly customizable dolls share in common the ability to take a wide range of poses and moves. They are often used as subjects of artistic work, such as sewing and painting, as models for photography, and as inspiration for many graphic artists and writers.

The community of BJD owners in particular and doll fans in general has been growing at a fast rate. Members are from all countries, making the community truly international, while the objects they collect are mainly sold by Asian professional distributors. Therefore, the main market and the second-hand market both work almost exclusively through online shopping and (e)mail order.

We have created a sizable, international event to give the opportunity to collectors from all over the world to find in one place as many doll companies as possible. We want to give you the opportunity to meet those exhibitors, professionals and amateurs whose work you love and to buy face to face from them.

This is our way to contribute to developing this hobby. We hope that Ldoll Festival can bring artists and their fans closer together!

Join us on Ldoll’s next edition, in the close surroundings of beautiful French city Lyon, for an unforgettable weekend of fun and chance meetings!